Saturday, November 26, 2016

Building Management

“So, your boyfriend is moving in soon?”

Joey Rudnick, the building manager, managed to sneak up behind Amanda. He didn't seem to understand personal space.
Amanda turned around and stepped back. “The end of next week,” she responded with some annoyance. "He's just a friend."

"Hmph," Joey snorted. "Well, I've been working especially hard trying to get that apartment ready. You know how much I make?"

"Well, you've told me before…"

"Fifty thousand a year. I've had my eye on a car for a while.  Probably going to get it soon. You know the type of car I was looking at requires insurance that's expensive."

Amanda sighed. Joey was never cruel, but his friendliness seemed contrived.

Joey continued with how hard he works and that he should get a raise. Then he went into all the details of his last doctor's appointment.

Amanda kept inching back towards her apartment door, trying to hint that she had to be somewhere, but he kept talking as if he didn't even notice.

At this point, she felt the telltale sign of a migraine: the tightening on the back of her neck.

She instinctively rubbed it.

Joey stopped. “Are you okay?” he asked. He sounded annoyed.

Amanda was about to respond when she suddenly saw herself hanging up against the wall with his hands around her throat.

“Uh,” she stammered, “m-m-migraine.” To emphasize the point, she put her hand on her forehead. “I better go lie down.”

Fortunately, she inched close enough to her door that she was able to take a large step into her apartment and closed the door.
As Amanda leaned up against her door, she realized at that moment, she wasn’t really in pain after all, but she felt as if a fog lifted and her head was clear. It was like a breath of fresh air after a terrible storm.

The feeling didn't last. A migraine set in and Amanda grabbed a bottle from the freezer. "Good, wasn’t completely frozen yet." she thought to herself, and grabbed some painkillers and went into her bedroom.

She wondered about the image she saw. Maybe the injury was causing more problems than just migraines, and she was going crazy.

She thought of calling the doctor when the pain subsided but decided against it.

Perhaps it was just her anxiety bringing on an overactive imagination.
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