Wednesday, November 23, 2016


"So, is it ready?" A voice came from Amanda’s laptop on a makeshift table made from wooden crates after a yard sale was over. The owners gave them to her for free. The board that was on top came from her neighbors down the hall before they moved. The tablecloth was the only thing new she bought at a clearance sale at a big box retailer. It was big enough to cover everything.

Amanda was on Skype with Todd, who she met in the hospital while she was recovering. She remembered how he went on and on about how his father knew some guy at a publisher who knew the owner, and now he has a job as an editor.

She thought at first he was trying to impress her with embellishments. However, when she had her draft ready for her first book, she decided to try to give him a call. As it turned out, not only was he not lying (or even exaggerating), he was able to help her get her book published. She has been living off the royalties since.

"Yeah, I'm sending you the final now," Amanda said while starting the upload.

This book was the second part of her book called, "A complete and total Moron's Guide to HTML with PH - what?!". It was a parody of the dummies books, including humorous antidotes and jokes about people trying and failing at web design. The first one published three months ago, and it was a success.

"Oh, spell it 'Moran'. That would be funny!" Todd said with a wink, referring to a recent meme that went viral on the internet.
"No, 'Moran' would be better suited for a book on political satire," Amanda responded after a moment, "Or maybe a book on internet Memes. Better yet, a book on the rise and fall of internet memes."

"Great! You have an idea for a new book!"

"Actually, I think I'll just work on a space science fiction novel this time," Amanda said, "I've had this story percolating in my head for about a year and a half."

"Oh, really?" Todd seemed interested. He shifted forward, hoping that Amanda would tell him a summary.

"Well," She responded quickly, she mistook his sudden interest as mocking, "I hadn't gotten all of the details ironed out yet. I may have the first chapter done in a few weeks. Then you can tell me what you think."

Todd nodded, this time seemingly more serious. "You know," he said finally after a brief moment of silence, "A science fiction novel might be a good idea, are you sure you are up to it?
Amanda nodded, "Of course! I've had some inspiration from some dreams that I've had."


“Well, you know. Some of my dreams seem to have a plot. So I took some inspiration from them and ran with it. Sort of.” Amanda trailed off. She realized that it sounded much better in her head.

Todd chuckled. A moment passed as Todd A timer beeped in Amanda's Kitchen.

Amanda pointed in the general direction of the kitchen, "That's Lunch."

"Right. Look, I have to go anyway, I'll take a look at your first draft and text you tonight," Todd said, "or maybe a virtual date?" He had made that last sentence into a last minute question. Amanda had been hesitant about dating outright but agreed to 'virtual date' via Skype.

Amanda smiled. "Of course! I'll just have to have dinner four hours early… which would be in an hour?" Living on opposite sides of the country did have some setbacks.

"No, I'll just have dinner four hours later. I don't mind. I'm a night owl anyway." Todd said. "How does 5, your time sound?"
"5 o'clock, Got it."
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