Friday, November 25, 2016

Virtual Date

"Just in time!"

Amanda had set her bowl of noodle stir fry down next to her laptop. Todd's face was on the screen, lit by the light of his laptop and a small lamp.

He was sitting at his desk, dressed rather warmly.

Amanda noticed the thick sweater right away. She immediately grabbed a magazine that was nearby and began to fan herself.
"Oh, gee, it's just terribly hot here," she said, feigning dismay, "Perhaps it might get so hot tomorrow that I would have to go swimming." Then in her obviously bad acting act, “Whatever... should I... do?”

Todd chuckled, "I could go swimming here, too. I just have to find the local chapter of the Polar Bear club and then I would be good to go."

They chatted a little more about the weather. In the Northeast, it had been unseasonably cold, and they had an early snowstorm that left almost a foot of snow. In California, on the other hand, was warm and sunny.

At least for Amanda. She found it rather amusing that while she was still wearing t-shirts, everyone else was wearing heavy jackets and knitted hats with shorts and flip-flops.

Then Todd told Amanda of how he helped the other tenants shovel the parking space near the building, only to have the snow plow bury half of it again as it passed by the lot. Like a lot of New England apartments, it was a converted 1800s house with a flattened space for parking. When they widened the road, there was little room left between the shoulder and the parking space.
The discussion finally moved on to Amanda's memories.
"I still have that one reoccurring dream, and it's always the same, except this time I see my necklace."

Amanda had been fiddling with it up until this point. When she mentioned it, she stopped fiddling with it and grasped it firmly, as if clutching it would bring back the memories she lost.
"Do you feel any connection, " Todd asked. "Does it seem like a memory?"

"No," Amanda responded with a sigh. "It's just like any other dream. If no one had told me how I was found, I would not have thought anything of it."

Todd nodded, seemingly in deep thought. Amanda took the opportunity to take a few bites of food. It was finally cool enough to eat.

Todd snapped out of his trance and leaned forward towards the camera.

“You know I've said was going to move closer,” Todd said finally.
Amanda Nodded. “It'd be good to have a more familiar face here,” she said thoughtfully. “The neighbors are decent enough, but some are a bit, odd.” Amanda resisted telling him about the apartment manager, who hadn't left her alone since she moved in.

“Well I did find an apartment nearby, and I'll be moving in next month.” Todd was hesitant to tell her, but he didn't want to appear on her doorstep suddenly.

"Really?" Amanda said, "where?"


“4.. C..” Amanda said slowly, not sure what that meant. She recognized the number. “Wait, 4C? The apartment down the hall?”

Todd nodded.

“The one where t-that," Amanda stammered, "that family lived, the only family that didn't seem to want to kill each other?”

To keep rent costs down, Amanda moved to a part of town that was a bit run down. Most kept their head down and kept to themselves. The rest were usually at each other throats. It wasn't uncommon to hear yelling and objects smashed against the wall. Fortunately, there have been no gunshots or deaths since she moved in three months ago.

Todd nodded again.

"I thought you meant like in the same town or even down the street, but I wasn't expecting…" Amanda trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"Well if you don't think…" Todd started.

"Oh no, that's great!" Amanda interrupted, but she had mixed feelings. She knew that the relationship between her and Todd would become something more than just friends, but she wasn't sure if she was ready for something serious just yet.

Todd looked relieved. "I hope you don't mind, I've made arrangements with the publisher to telecommute. I'm not tied to any one location, anymore."

"I don't mind at all!" Amanda smiled. "It will be great to see you in person, again."
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