Monday, December 19, 2016

A Working Stove

Amanda answered a knock on her door. She was expecting this. Todd was supposed to bring a new stove over today. Her stove was down to one burner, and she didn't trust that one. She loved to cook and didn't want to spend any more money on microwave meals.

She opened the door to find Todd standing behind the delivery man with a glass top stove.

“Glass top?” Amanda looked at Todd quizzically.

“Yeah, Mr. Carter said to spare no expense,” Todd said.

“Hmm,” Amanda said a little dishearteningly, “Looks like rent is going up.” So much for all of the savings in cooking from scratch, she thought.

“Oh, not likely. Joey was squandering a lot of the cash," Todd said, "These glass-top stoves appear to be a deal compared to what Joey supposedly spent last year."

Todd helped the delivery guy inch the stove through the door. Then they both left it at the edge of the kitchen while they worked the old stove out of its place. When the delivery man moved the stove towards the door, both Amanda and Todd looked at the space where it once stood.

Amanda covered her mouth and giggled, and Todd groaned and made a face.

The delivery guy peered over as he was moving the old stove. Spider webs and debris dangled from the back and swayed as he moved the stove out of its place.

“Meh,” he said as he peers over and looks at the debris, “I've seen worse.”

Todd and Amanda looked at each other in disbelief, then back at the delivery man. He kept doing his job as if nothing happened.
Amanda glanced back at the crud and grime must have been building there since the completion of the apartments.

Todd elbowed her jokingly, “Perhaps you should have cooked a little less.”

"Sure, if I could cook on that stove," Amanda said. "I've been surviving on cold foods," then she points towards the microwave. "and microwave meals,"

“Ah, yes. Of course, the microwave” Todd said with some disdain. He then took a more serious tone. “It's probably just as grimy behind it," he sighed.

“No, I did clean that when I moved in,” Amanda said then gestured towards the stove, “As a matter of fact, I do have some cleaners that will get that crud off.”

“Oh, I don't need those. I have plenty of industrial strength cleaner to take care of that.” Todd started out the door, “I already had taken care of a few of other apartments, and I had to order more last week.” Todd paused and said dramatically lowered voice, “A lot more.”

Amanda chuckled and nodded as Todd headed out the door.

She then opened one of the lower cabinets and grabbed a couple of cleaning gloves. It's true that Todd gets paid to do all this work, but Amanda hates to sit around and watch someone work. She was on her laptop all morning and needed a change of pace.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Todd walked back in with a cart full of cleaning supplies. He stopped and gave Amanda a concerned look.

“Did you already buy those tickets for your trip?” Todd asks.
Amanda, confused, hesitated. “Yeah, a couple of days ago, why?”
“And Trisha is going with you, right? You're not going alone?”
Still confused about the sudden change in Todd's demeanor, she responded, “Yes, I mean, Trisha is coming with me, and I'm not going alone.”

“Good,” Todd said and then was quiet for a moment. “I wish I could go with you," he whispered.
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