Tuesday, December 13, 2016


“A job?” Amanda was a little surprised that he would ask her. “I thought you have to be part of a Union.”

“You do, but we can have that arranged.” Mr. Carter said.

Amanda liked the idea of being completely free of commitment to any one spot, making her money. The only “fees” she had to pay were taxes. Then again, having a reliable, steady check, If you want to believe Joey."

“I'll have to think about it first,” Amanda said after some thought.

“You do that,” Mr. Carter said, and he turned back to leave.
Amanda went into her apartment to grab her bag. Then she walked over to Todd's to invite him to go with her to the art show, but there was no answer when she knocked.

Amanda did have his cell phone number, but she wasn't sure if she should call him. He was usually gone during the day, which she assumed it was business or work related. It would be odd to get a message in the middle of a meeting or call.

She decided to leave him alone for the moment and headed out to The smell of old wood, and freshly painted canvas greeted Amanda as she opened the door to the art studio.
She immediately spotted Trisha, who seemed to be busy talking to someone. Amanda was going to turn away when Trisha called her over.

“Amanda!” She exclaimed, “It's good to see you here,” and Trisha gave her a hug.

Amanda wasn't a hugger and felt a little awkward, but she was glad Trisha was happy to see her.

“Well,” Amanda started, but Trisha interrupted her.

“I've got to meet and greet and all that.” Trisha said, “It's part of the whole art show thing.” She waves her hand almost apologetically. “So I can't chat.”

Amanda nodded understandingly, and Trisha was gone. At that moment, she thought she saw Todd out of the corner of her eye, walking into another room.

Amanda wasn't sure if it was him. It was in her peripheral vision, so it could have been someone that looked like Todd. She decided to head that way and see what was there anyway.

She then saw Trisha hurry down the same way. She could hear Trisha greet someone. Her voice carried well, even around corners.

On her way there, a painting caught her eye, and she stopped to look.

It had three sunflowers stretching to the sky, but instead of bright yellow petals, two of them were similar in color to the chicory that she saw growing along the road back east. The third was also blueish purple, but much darker, almost black. The leaves were a darker greenish brown.

The sunflowers looked up toward a dark blue sky.

Amanda looked closely at the bottom of the painting. It had Trisha's signature.

Trisha certainly has a way of using colors as a form of expression, Amanda thought.

Amanda studied the painting. In spite of the colors being off, she couldn't shake the feeling that she had been in a similar spot. She tried imagining being in a field of sunflowers looking towards the sky, hoping that it would trigger a memory, or two.

“I like that painting too,” Amanda heard a whisper in her right ear. She didn't hear Todd approach.

He startled her. She was usually pretty perceptive with what was going on around her. She laughed and realized that she was probably too engrossed in the painting to pay attention to anything else.

“I-” Amanda started, but what could she tell him? That she may have had a déjà vu moment? Everyone had those. Other than that, there wasn't much to tell.

“Yeah,” she said finally, “Those flowers remind me of the chicory back east. I kind of miss them.”

On the way home from the art show, Amanda stopped for a coffee and a pastry. She couldn't stop thinking about the painting. Why did it seem so familiar? There was mostly cornfields and cows in Vermont. Was she that far away from home?

She walked slowly to her apartment. Home, she thought, where was that? It has been two years, and she has yet to feel at home. anywhere.

By the time she got to the apartments, it was dark. She sighed and looked up into the dark sky. It was overcast, giving off an orange glow from the city lights. It wasn't like she would have been able to see the stars anyway. The city lights drowned most of them out.

Amanda then got the idea to take a trip back east to go back to the place where she was found. Perhaps that would give her some clues or even jog her memory a little.

She opened the door and walked into her apartment, to find the painting propped up against her wall.
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