Thursday, December 22, 2016

Coffee Break

Amanda anxiously grasps her ceramic mug as she stares at the entrance. Since Todd started working as the apartment manager, she hasn't seen him much lately.

Trisha had a few art showings in a town a few hours before their trip, so Amanda was able to bury herself in her book.
The dreams were coming at a faster rate and with more detail, and she finally finished the first draft. She was going to show her work to Todd today.

Her previous book's sales started to slow down, and she knew she had to show it to Todd soon.

She leaned a little to her right and shifted her bag. It had fallen onto her foot as if to menacingly remind her that she brought the first draft with her. Her anxiety rose a little.

It's because I haven't seen Todd in a while, Amanda thought to herself.

Finally, Todd walks in, spots Amanda and waves. Amanda smiles and waves back. He points towards the counter, and she gives a half nod of understanding. He was getting himself a coffee before joining her.

Amanda was apprehensive, and she knew why. She had reread the draft and thought that it might be over the top. Writing something about PHP is one thing. It is based on fact. Writing on one's imagination and dreams, well, could reveal how crazy and weird someone is.

Todd sits down, and they start talking about her upcoming trip. Amanda pushes the bag with her feet to the front of her, under the table, hidden.

Maybe next time, she thought.
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