Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dark Confrontation

Todd opens the door and Amanda steps outside.

“What just happened?” Amanda asked, referring to the near disaster a few moments before. Amanda looked over at the woman with the baby and little girl. She was nodding intently while another loud and very animated woman demonstrated how a baby carrier works.

The baby was happily gurgling in a stroller that was too large to fit in the small coffee shop. No wonder the mother carried the baby into the building.

“Well, it appears that I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“Well, yeah,” Amanda said. “I didn't see you come in.”
Todd took off his overcoat and had it slung over his arm. He wore it because he was told that morning by a local who was heading home that it was going to be cold. Being from the northeast, he didn't consider that "cold" for Californians was a lot warmer than what he would find as cold.

Amanda and Todd made jokes about wearing shorts and flip-flops with a warm jacket to fit in.

The conversation moved on to her health. She still had her migraines,  but she was managing them fine.

Amanda didn't tell him about the images that were flashing through her mind the previous week. They always seem to happen every time she was near Joey.

She tried ignoring him, but it appeared to encourage his persistence. Then she tried to avoid Joey, but it was like he would seek her out to harass her.

It finally ended when he caught her walking in front of her neighbor's door. A large, burly guy opened the door suddenly and glared at Joey. Joey looked a bit frightened and uttered a sound that almost sounded like "eep."

The neighbor turned to Amanda, gave her a wink, and went back inside his apartment.

Todd opened the front door for her, and Amanda stepped inside. It was right there she realized that she should have told him about Joey.

There he stood, with a sneer on his lips that indicated what was coming next.

“So, this must be Todd.” He said as Todd hit the elevator button. Todd paused, and Amanda prayed that the elevator was already on the bottom floor. It wasn't.

“So this... is your boyfriend?” Joey asked slowly. “I didn't realize you were so cheap.”

“You're just jealous because no one would even accept any payment from you,” Amanda retorted. Then thought, Kill yourself, no one likes you anyway.

She was surprised that Joey looked horrified. Perhaps, if she had responded sooner, maybe he would have left her alone.
“Oka-a-ay,” Todd said as the elevator opened. “let's go.” He tugged on Amanda's arm.

Right after the doors closed, Amanda turned to Todd. “I'm sorry, I don't think I've ever been that angry. I should have warned you about him. You know, I never said anything to him until now. I must have lost it.”

Todd looked somewhat amused. “I doubt that he'll bother you anymore,” He said after a pause. “He was a dark individual.”
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