Saturday, December 31, 2016

Déjà vu

Amanda saw a glowing light mass. It had no shape, and it throbbed and pulsed as it appeared to be trying to escape some invisible box.

Then she remembered some of what happened.

"What key?" she asked out loud, referring to what the man shouted at her.

"You have it," a voice said from behind her.

Amanda turned around to see the Blue Lady. She couldn't make out any details because the entity was glowing more than usual.

"You will understand it soon enough."

The Blue Lady gestured towards the light that was now behind her. Amanda turned again to see the light morphing into a field of debris in space. For a moment she floated there, along with the chunks of metal. Then she felt as if she was being pulled back, gently at first. The force almost felt like falling.

Then she saw the strange flame again, but instead of waking up, she continued to fall, until she saw water come up to her quickly. When she hit the water, everything went dark, and she felt like she was still falling. Soon she started to hear voices. One she recognizes as Todd, the other sounded like Trisha. Both seem to be talking in a foreign language. At this point, she realized that she was waking up, but what are they doing in her room?

Amanda opened her eyes. The voices stopped. It was then she realized that she wasn't in her room but a hospital. After looking around for a moment, she realized it was the same hospital she ended up in the beginning.

She tried sitting up, but had that same falling feeling and immediately nixed the idea.

"Whoa, easy," Todd said, and he was by her side holding her hand.

"I'm still really, really dizzy," Amanda said.

"Well," Todd responded. "You took quite the spill. The doctor said that you might not be able to balance for a while."

"Yeah," Trisha said, "It was a good thing I had a taser. Otherwise, you may have had more problems than a severe migraine."

Amanda saw Todd glare at Trisha. Trisha gave a 'What? What did I do?' look.

Todd sighed and looked at Amanda. "Listen, Detective Snyder is here. Are you up for some questions?"

"I suppose," Amanda responded.

Todd went to get the detective, and Amanda couldn't help but think that she was doing this all over again.
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