Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Demon of the Complex

Amanda studied her pendant for a little while. It did seem to look a little bit like her, but because of its size, there wasn't enough room for details. Perhaps the dream was just her brain trying to figure out her past through her pendant.

This thought brought back a memory of when she spoke to Janice after she had thought she heard a whisper in her apartment.

Maybe it's the "demon of the complex" Amanda thought wistfully. Her former neighbors were religious. While very friendly and incredibly generous, they believed in demons, angels and  "spiritual warfare," which Amanda found interesting but confusing.

"Strange things started happening since they hired Joey," Janice said.

"Or maybe, it's Mr. Carter," Steve countered, or maybe it was that wild girl… what's her name? They did all seem to show up almost at the same time." Steve didn't seem to be as convinced that they had anything to do with it.

"Doesn't matter, but there is something there," Janice said, picking up on Steve's skepticism.

"Yeah," Steve said, "there have been some strange things going on."

"Like sudden breezes," Janice continued, "Even though no door is open, the feeling of being watched, or the strange whispers in the air."

Steve mutter in agreement.

"Maybe it's a ghost?" Amanda suggested helpfully.

"Ghost?" She seemed a little taken aback. Janice sometimes couldn't fathom that some people just may not understand her core beliefs. "Any spirit being is to be avoided. You shouldn't talk to any of them. We are not meant to interact the 'other side'"

Janice was the closest thing that Amanda had to a friend at the moment, so she decided not to question them any further. Even though it doesn't seem like they would offend easily, she wasn't sure if she wanted to take that risk.

It turns out that the "whisper" was a radiant heater vent. Amanda's foster home had wood heat, and since she had no memory of any other form of heat, she didn't know that some other heat sources made different sounds.

"It was just a dream," she muttered to herself. Like all the vivid dreams that I've been having, she thought.

She let her pendant drop, and she was very aware of the weight of it on her neck. She hesitated for a moment, then got up and ready for the day.

"A dream," Amanda repeated quietly trying to convince herself, "Just a dream."

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