Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fiery Idea

It's 5:30 am. Amanda usually slept until 8, a benefit of making one's own hours, but she this time, her mind was too busy to sleep.

She kept thinking about her most recent dream.  It ended like most of her dreams did. She would be staring out a window, mesmerized by the fire outside. She wasn't afraid, nor was this unexpected in the dream.

She decided to get up and take a walk. If she stayed in bed and fell back to sleep, she knew that she would be very groggy when she woke up. She can always take a 20-minute caffeine nap if she got tired later.

Amanda headed towards the kitchen and checked in her pantry. There were three protein bars left. She decided it would be a good excuse to go and see Todd later. Perhaps she could convince him to give her the recipe. Ever since she replaced her morning protein shake, she had been feeling better.
As if to just think of it, she walked back to her bedroom and checked her full-length mirror. It does seem that she lost some weight.

When the women found her, she was slim but in the few years since she put on some weight. After her doctor had mentioned something about it, she started to go to a gym, but just like everything else she tried, it never seemed to be working. That was until Todd gave her those protein bars. She decided, at that moment, to weigh herself.

Trying to find the scale turned out to be a much bigger project than she anticipated. She had forgotten how angry she was the last time she weighed herself. She remembered being very annoyed of only seeing her weight go up. She also remembered that she decided to bury her scale - somewhere.

Where did she put it?

It turns out that it was in the back of the cabinet under the sink - way back. Amanda must have been pretty angry, but for some reason, she didn't remember putting it there.

After emptying the entire bathroom sink cabinet to reach the scale, she put it on the floor and stepped on it. Not believing what she was seeing, she stepped off. Then she took a deep breath stepped back on it again. She lost a total of ten pounds since the last time she stepped on the scale. She hadn't been on the scale for six months, but she suspected that it was in the last three months that she lost most of the weight, about the time when she started eating these bars.

What on earth was in them? She put the scale by the sink. Perhaps she should tell Todd to sell them. Something like this would sell for a lot of money.

By the time she got around to thinking about the dream, it had faded. Angry at herself for not writing it down first and letting herself get distracted, she grabbed a bar and headed out for a walk. What was it, besides the strange fire that she had seen so many times?

She can vaguely remember a man talking to her. In her dream, of course, she knew him. In real life, she thought that maybe she had seen him somewhere before. She saw a lot of people in the last few years. It could have been anyone.

What was he saying? Something about protecting something important. That lives are at stake, something, something, and something that cannot fall into the wrong hands. The dream was reminded her of the clichés she saw in just about every movie she's watched.

Amanda sighed. If only she had written it down before anything else. She calmed herself and tried to focus.

He had put his hand on something that was on her chest. What was he reaching for?

Amanda stopped in mid-stride and grabbed her necklace.
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