Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Interesting Transformation

The house was just as different. Amanda's foster parents had painted the place. While there were still religious symbols and sayings, they didn't have the ominous feel.
They all sat around the kitchen table and talked about the last two years. The church that her foster parents went to finally shut its doors due to lack of attendance. Amanda wasn't at all surprised. Who would want to stay at a church who condemned everyone that walked in?
“It's like a second family, now." Amanda's foster mother said.
Amanda found their transformation fascinating. However, in spite of her foster mother's explanations, she couldn't understand any of it. Amanda made a mental note to research some of these concepts online later.
The conversation went from personal stories to local gossip. The neighbors with the little dog moved out. That dog would viciously attack anyone – that is until you turned to face him and stomped your foot on the ground. Then he would turn and run away yipping as if you actually had stomped on him.
Then there was the boy across the street. In spite of his home problems, he turned out okay. Rumor has it that he had started his own business in the next town over and was doing very well for himself.
Yet another neighbor converted their house to a duplex. Apparently, the house will be going into foreclosure because the tenants haven't been paying rent. Her foster parents were somewhat relieved. The cops were there on a few occasions.
Amanda told them about how she was doing and about the new book she was working on. She kept problems like Joey's murder out of it. Her foster parents had their problems, but she knew that they cared for her. She didn't want to worry them.
Finally, Amanda and Trisha finally said their goodbyes and got into the rental.
“Well,” Trisha said, “That was interesting. You have interesting foster parents.”
Amanda chuckled. “Well, they weren't always that interesting,” Amanda said as she made a note in her phone on all of the things she heard with the intention of looking all of it up.
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