Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Job Taken

It was a matter of seconds from when Amanda knocked and the door opened.
Were you waiting for me?” Amanda asked.
Uh, no,” Todd said intentionally in a disingenuous tone. "No, of course not." His eyes widened as if he was trying to comically hide something.
Amanda gave him a look. Todd laughed and said, “No, I was about to take out the trash.” He lifted a bag of trash to make his point. “You are a bit earlier than I thought you would be.”
Amanda nodded, “I like being early.” Then she added with a devious smile, “It drives people crazy sometimes.”
You can't make me crazy,” Todd said seemingly indignant, “I'm already crazy.” as he passed her out the door. “Make yourself at home, will be right back.”
Amanda walked in and smelled his cooking. Usually, it smelled great and Amanda perceived that Todd was a good cook, but this time, something smelled burned.
Amanda walks towards the kitchen. She can see the meal and in one of the roasting pans and one side was burnt. The other side, seemed undercooked.
She opened oven and peered inside.  The element must be going, She thought.
Yeah,” he said, as he walked in behind her, gesturing towards what's left of dinner. “The oven doesn't seem to work right anymore. These old stoves really need to be replaced.”
Amanda nodded understandingly. “Three of my burners are out, and I've been trying to get them replaced."
"No worries,” Todd said. "I ordered new stoves for every apartment." When he saw Amanda's confusion, he continued, “I applied for the building manager job and got it. I guess you snooze, you loose.”
Amanda laughed. “Nah, I really didn't want it and I'm glad you got it. This saves me the trouble of telling Mr. Carter 'no'”
Sure, you say that now,” Todd teased, "sour grapes."
Amanda just rolled her eyes. “What about your editorial job?”
Todd shrugged. “I can still do that. I mean, how hard could it be?” He poked at the roasting pan as if to check to see if it was hot. “Meh.. looks like takeout today, although I do have a salad prepared.”
Amanda shrugged, “That's okay, I rarely get takeout, so this will be a treat."
Then Amanda saw something familiar on the table, "What about your inventions?”
My what?” The question seem to have taken Todd off guard. He had his phone out mid-dial  and the question seemed to have come out of nowhere.
Amanda pointed towards the silver-colored items.
Oh,” Todd said seemingly confused. After thinking about it for a moment, he realized what she was talking about it. “Oh, my inventions! Yeah, they were rejected. They claimed to love the idea, but they weren't interested in buying. I have other companies to try though.”
Todd brushed it off as it was no big deal and went back to dialing for take-out.
You told me one was a prototype material. What was the other or is it still a surprise”
That,” Todd said pausing for dramatic effect, “Was a translator.” He said it as if it should be common knowledge.
Of course it is, Amanda thought, I knew that.
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