Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Moving day

“Why do you need my help?” Amanda teased, “You don't have much to unpack.”

Todd chuckled. “It was just easier to sell and donate the items that wouldn't fit into my car.” After a pause to grab a box he added, “and cheaper.”

Amanda opened another box and peeked inside.
“Silverware?” she asked.

Todd pointed to a drawer near the stove.

As Amanda turned around, a cell phone rang. Both Amanda and Todd grabbed their phones.

“It's mine,” Todd said looking at his phone. “I'll have to take this outside.” With that, he stepped outside of the apartment.

Amanda continued to unpack the silverware and turned to grab another box. In doing so, she knocked over a smaller box, and the contents spilled on the floor. One of the items was a toothpick dispenser that opened, scattering toothpicks everywhere.

Groaning, she stooped to pick it up. She'll have to warn Todd about the toothpicks. He might be a germaphobe who doesn't believe in the “five-second-rule.”

As she was picking up the toothpicks, regretting that she had cut her fingernails that morning, she noticed two other curious objects. One was a small silver rectangular block that had a coating in some form of plastic or glass. The other was a small flat disc, made with a similar material. It had a few indents on one side, but other than that, there was nothing to it.
Amanda stood up with the items just as Todd walked in. Suddenly, she felt like a child with her hand caught in the cookie jar.

“I-I- was just, well, I,” Amanda stammered, not knowing why she felt guilty somehow. She took a deep breath and tried again. “I knocked over this box, and everything scattered, and I was just picking it up.”

Todd was smiling, almost laughing. Amanda relaxed. He reached over and took the items out of her hands.

“This,” he said as he held up the block, “is a prototype material.” He set it down on the counter. “Actually, it's two materials, titanium covered in gorilla glass. It gives it an interesting look, doesn't it?”

Amanda nodded.

“This.” He held up the disc. “Is a secret.” He winked and set that down next to the block. “It's just something I had been working on for a little while.”

“Perhaps I'll show you what it does later.” He said after a moment of silence. He then picked up both items and brought them out of the kitchen.

Amanda continued picking up the toothpicks.
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