Friday, December 23, 2016

Packing to Go

Amanda set her two bags down and sighed. She adjusted her computer bag to accommodate the sudden lack of weight.

“Really?” she asked after Trisha brought out three bags and went into her apartment for more.

“I'm bringing some art supplies,” Trisha said.

“Don't you have anything more...” Amanda paused as she watched Trisha bring an oversized portfolio, her easel, and two more bags and set them down. “...portable?”

“That's what I have,” Trisha said as she swept her arm over her bags. Then she paused as if to think. “Oh, my purse!” she exclaimed as she dashed back into her apartment.

Amanda scoffed a little at the bags. She was glad that when the cab company gave her the option, she asked for the van. There's no way they could fit all that in the trunk of a sedan.

Trisha walked out with her purse, which was almost the size of her travel bags.

Amanda looked at Trisha's open apartment door. Trisha, taking Amanda's cue, immediately turned and locked her door.

At that moment, the burly neighbor stepped out of his apartment. It's Boris, she thought to herself. Boris the big Burly guy. She had overheard his name in one of the couple's fights recently.

“Need help?” Boris asked. Without waiting for a response, he started to pick up Trisha's bags.

Trisha giggled.

“Well,” Amanda said, “I don't think both of us can take this all down without making multiple trips.” She then pushed her laptop bag higher onto her shoulder and took her two travel bags. She thought that Boris was showing off a little as he picked up ALL of Trisha's bags, easel, and portfolio bag. Trisha nodded with approval and clutched her purse.

Amanda followed both of them to the elevator.
Outside, the cabbie chuckled as he said, “Looks like you forgot the kitchen sink. Better go back and get it.”

Amanda laughed at the joke and put her bags in the back along with Trisha's stuff. The cabbie closed the hatch. Amanda turned around to get into the car and Todd was right behind her.

She was a bit startled. Todd snuck up on her again. She thought that maybe he was just a silent walker.

“So, how much time to do I have to say goodbye?” Todd asked.

“I have a few minutes,” Amanda said, “but then we'll be back in a couple of weeks. I don't plan on hanging around that long.”

Amanda barely got the last few words out when Todd reached out, pulled her in close, and hugged her tightly. She could have sworn that his lips brushed her cheek.

“Please,” Todd whispered in her ear, “be careful.”

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