Friday, December 30, 2016

The Key

Trisha hurried behind Amanda and was surprised on how difficult it was to keep up. When they got to the road, Amanda was already kicking herself for forgetting her painkillers.

She stopped to take a breath.

Trisha realized Amanda was having another migraine, dug in her bag and took out her first aid kit.

"The water is in the car. I didn't expect to be here long," Amanda said. She had to force herself to concentrate to speak. This migraine was different from the rest. It wasn't just painful but hundreds of images and scenes kept flashing through her mind.

Trisha took her by the hand and led her to the car. When they got to the car, they both noticed the black sedan behind theirs, but didn't think anything of it, until the two occupants got out.

Amanda recognized the driver as Mr. Businessman. The passenger came out armed.

Trisha had placed herself between Amanda and the two men. "Bad idea, boys," Trisha said with a demeanor that Amanda never seen in her.

The passenger started shouting expletives. "Where is the key!"

"Wait, what?" Amanda asked, barely holding herself up against the car. "What key?"

Mr. Businessman was yelling about not signing up for this and they were only supposed to frighten the girls. He apparently didn't think it would involve a gun.  The passenger was yelling in an accent that Amanda did not recognize. Trisha was yelling back, but Amanda couldn't make sense of it anymore. Her head felt like it was about to burst.  She was hearing too many voices at once. They were too loud. The activity and the noise was causing her more pain.

"Stop it!" Amanda thought she said, "Stop it now!" but she wasn't sure. She blacked out.

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