Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Short Journey

"Next stop," Trisha said as she put the car into gear, "Lake Champlain, right?"

"Burlington," Amanda said as she checked her phone maps and texted the link to the location to Trisha.

Trisha used the link in her texts to set her Phone's GPS. Then they were off.

Trisha, to Amanda's surprise, had a license. Amanda kept a non-drivers ID on her since she never really needed to drive. She never had a job to work for someone else, and the only places she would go while living in Vermont was to school or church.

They drove to what seemed like forever. Amanda watched the trees rush by as she felt her apprehension growing. She didn’t know what to expect when they got there. 

She was hoping that some memory would come to her. Instead, she felt the dreaded “twinge” that announced an oncoming migraine. Rummaging through her bag to find painkillers, she realized that she might not have remembered to put them back into her bag after cleaning it out. It had been a long while since she had a migraine, so she never thought to check.

“We're here,” Trisha said, and she pulled the car to the side of the road.

Amanda looked up. Most roads in Vermont, the shoulders were narrow. On scenic highways, however, there was the occasional dirt pull-off, put there by the state so people can pull over and enjoy the view.

“It's further up the road,” Amanda said.

“Yeah, I know, but I bet there's not one of these dirt areas for a few miles past the location. We'll have to walk.” Trisha got out, opened the passenger door, and grabbed Amanda's hand. “C'mon! It's not far. It'll be fun!”

Amanda stepped out of the car, grabbed her phone, and closed the door. Trisha turned to lock the vehicle doors.

“Yeah,” Amanda said facetiously, “We don't want the mosquitoes flying away with our stuff.”

Trisha's mood suddenly turned dark. “Well,” she mumbled, “You never know.” A moment passed then Trisha chirped, “Let's go!”

“Um, okay,” Amanda said and followed Trisha up the road. She always thought Trisha to be a bit eccentric, but even this was a little out of character even for her.

As they were walking, Amanda noticed that the twinge was gone and she has no migraine. It happens once in a while, and she was glad she was lucky enough this time. She forgot to repack the painkillers after all.

The two girls started to walk up the road. Neither of them noticed the electric black sedan pulling up behind their rental.
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