Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Trippy Trip

Amanda and Trisha checked in their luggage and boarded the train. Then they went to look for their seats in the coach car. When Amanda was purchasing tickets, they both agreed that they needed to cut costs and go by coach.

As Amanda put her bag onto the overhead, she noticed someone that looked like the business suit guy from the coffee shop in the corner of her eye. When she looked over, whoever it was, moved out of her line of sight.

She brushed it off as her brain playing tricks. There were plenty of people on the train in business suits. It's possible that that person only looked like Mr. Businessman from her peripheral vision.

She slid her laptop out and settled in the window seat while Trisha sat beside her. There was also an aisle seat, and Trisha plopped her large purse on it. Amanda gave her a look.

“What?” Trisha said, somewhat indignant. She glanced at the seat and shrugged. “You know that these trains are never full.”
Amanda sighed.

“I'll move it if someone wants to sit here,” Trisha said finally. She fumbled through her purse and pulled out a notepad. Then fumbled again for a few minutes, and pulled out a couple of pencils.

Amanda just set her laptop on her lap and stared out of the window, debating if she should also have taken out her power supply.

The train started to move. Just at the corner of the station, Amanda thought she saw Todd and Mr. Carter. She sat up and looked over in that direction, but they were not there.

Amanda sat back in her chair and rubbed her temples. Maybe she was overtired. She got up, put her laptop on her seat, and climbed over Trisha and her bag to head towards the Bathroom in the back of the car.

“Keep an eye out for my stuff, okay?” Amanda asked Trisha.
“M'kay,” Trisha responded without looking up. She was engrossed in her drawing.

Amanda sighed and took off her hoodie and tossed it onto her laptop to cover its left. When she made it to the “lavatory,” she looked into the next car. There he was, Mr. Businessman, reading a Magazine. So she wasn't going crazy. It wasn't uncommon for professionals to travel cross-country like this. It's likely he was headed towards Albany, then New York City.

Amanda chuckled to herself as she steps inside the tiny closet of a restroom. “Who reads physical magazines these days?” She thought.

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