Saturday, December 17, 2016


Amanda checked the bus and train fares online. Trisha brought over some snacks and set a bowl of tortilla chips and nacho cheese dip next to her. She then sat down on a beat-up recliner that Amanda picked up at a thrift shop and threw her legs over one of the armrests

“A train it is then?” Trisha said as she grabbed the bowl of chips and set them on her stomach.

Amanda glanced at her and laughed. “Make yourself at home, why don't you? Of course, a train. I'm not in that much in a hurry to get there and back, and I don't care for airport security. Unlike Buses, we can at least walk around on our trip.”

Trisha didn't respond. She seemed to be studying the painting that was hanging across the room from them. She finally set the chip bowl back down onto the coffee table and walked over to it.

“So, this is the painting that you bought,” Trisha said wistfully. She looked at it and seemed to trail off as if to reminisce.

“Actually, Todd bought it for me,” Amanda said, “It was a gift.” She was somewhat distracted by the computer. She continued slowly, “I found it fascinating.”

“It happens to be my favorite,” Trisha said, finally breaking her gaze off of the painting to look at Amanda. “It reminds me of when I was a kid.”

Trisha sat back on the recliner, swinging her legs over the arm again. She realized that she had put the chip bowl out of her reach and decided that she didn't want them bad enough to get up to get them. So instead she started to focus on her nails.
“Done!” Amanda said with a sigh then turned to Trisha. “We leave in a few days.”

“Great!” Trisha responded, then swung her legs to the front of the chair and leaned in. “Are you and Todd, like, together now?”

Amanda gave her a sideways glance. She didn't like talking about her personal life that much, especially since she can't even figure it out herself.

“No,” Amanda said. “He hasn't said anything about it, and I don't want to ask.” Amanda turned her computer off. “I'm not exactly interested in a relationship now.”

“But he would be your first choice, right?”

Amanda signed. “Well, yeah, I guess.”

It wasn't the answer Trisha was looking for, but before she could pry further, her phone rang. She answered it.

“Hi!” Trisha said, “What's up? Oh yeah, we just got the tickets." Then there was a pause. "We'll be there for a month, providing everything goes well." Another, shorter pause. "Okay, I'll see you then.

Amanda gave Trisha a quizzical look.

“That was uh, my agent,” Trisha said. “He wants to make sure that I'll be at the next art show. The last one was a success.”

“You are still coming with me, right?” Amanda asked, not sure what to make of the phone conversation."

“Well, yeah!” Trisha said sounding a little indignant. “I so want to see the east coast. I've never been there, so I definitely don't want to give that up.”

“Actually, I still do have to go,” Trisha gestures towards the door. “My agent is somewhat old-school and wants to meet in person to discuss the details. Someone has got to show him the joys of email.”

Amanda laughed. “Nothing is more wondrous than deleting hundreds of spam emails.”

“I know, right?” Trisha said as she headed out the door.

Amanda closed the door, not sure if Trisha was forthcoming about her phone call. She sighed and figured that it probably was too personal to ask.
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