Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Amanda didn't feel like blogging at the moment. She was too distracted. She considered walking to the store to buy a pint of ice cream but was too depressed to walk to the nearby convenience store.

So she spent time on news aggregator sites. Sure enough, there was a mention on a small earthquake the previous day. She was sure everyone felt that one.

Amanda chuckled. It seemed to coincide with her mood after Todd walked out.

Amanda scoffed. Perhaps, she thought, it was best this way. After all, if he was just going to walk out like that, maybe he wasn't worth pursuing.

She tried convincing herself that a few times that morning already.

Her thoughts turned to the possibility that someday he would change on his own. The question is, should she wait? It's not like she's interested in anyone else. It's also not like she was so well known and liked that she had men pounding at her door either.

The joys of being an extreme introvert, she thought. Maybe she could ask Trisha for advice.

"Busy right now?" Amanda texted Trisha.

"Yeah, someone really liked my art," Trisha texted back.


"The guy was going crazy over it and wanted me to bring my work south. Will be gone all day. Leaving now."

"Bah!" Amanda Texted back. "How am I going to find a substitute friend on such short notice!"

"Lol!  What happened?"

"Todd acted really weird." Amanda responded, "And I realized I need to get out more, but need some advice from an expert."

Trisha didn't respond right away. Amanda waited, then sighed. Trisha probably was driving now and couldn't respond.

Sure enough, a few moments after Amanda put her phone down it buzzed on the coffee table.

"Sorry, can't text. Driving!"

Maybe Amanda will go to the store for that pint of ice cream after all.
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