Wednesday, January 25, 2017

On Track

Amanda tried to text Trisha again. She texted her once the day before, but Trisha didn't respond. Amanda figured that Trisha was busy with her show, but when she didn't get any response at all, she became concerned.

"You did make it there in one piece, right?" Amanda asked.

There were a few moments before she got a response.

"Yeah," Trisha texted back, "It was a late night. It'll probably be the same for the entire week."

"Okay," Amanda texted, "So you'll be gone for the rest of the week?"

"Yeah, I'll tell you all about it when I'm back."

"So, see you then."

Amanda stuck her phone into her laptop bag. She figured that she was inside sulking long enough and she planned on going back to the coffee shop. She was also done hiding from something that isn't likely to happen again.

She grabbed her bag and headed out the door.

When she ordered her coffee, the baristas were happy to see her and had her coffee ready almost immediately.

Didn't know that anyone noticed or cared, Amanda thought and she was glad she decided to come back. Mr. Businessman was probably still in jail, anyway, and it's unlikely she'll see him anytime soon.

Amanda stopped. She had forgotten his name. She always knew him as "Mr. Businessman, " but she thought Trisha told her his name at the hotel.

No matter, she thought, he'll always be Mr. Businessman to me, Amanda thought. She can still picture him in his business attire, poking at the screen of his phone.

She took the booth in the far back, knowing that not too many can see her. However, the few people that can see her, she can also see. She no longer trusts anyone, and she certainly was done observing people going out and about their day.

She put her laptop on the table and opened it. It was on a website with a video that she was going to watch while she was there. A couple sits down at a table within her sight. She watches them as she puts on her earbuds. Satisfied that they didn't seem interested in her, she turns to her video.

She presses play and puts it into full-screen mode. It started off as footage from a dash cam, driving on a straight and narrow road. Amanda then saw herself going down a long tube in a car on a track. She looks up and sees the massive braces fly overhead. She looks to her right and sees a vast field of very tall flowers. These were the same flowers that were on her painting at home.

She looks forward again only to see the "Replay?" icon on her screen. She looked over to where the couple had been but saw an employee wiping down their table instead.

Surprised that the time flew so fast, she checked the time. Thirty-six minutes had passed.

What just happened? Amanda thought. 

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