Monday, January 9, 2017

Blogging Idea

Amanda, Trisha, and Todd made it home safely and each went to their own apartments.

Amanda was ready to just zone out on the internet with her favorite image site, but it wasn't long before Trisha was knocking on her door.

"Awww," Amanda said as she opened the door, "I was just getting to the funny and cute kitten memes."

"I had an awesome idea," Trisha said as she pushed through. By now, Amanda was used to this and had already stepped aside when she opened the door.

"Go on," Amanda said and she closed the door behind her.

"Start a blog!" Trisha said, "You are still all over the news. People are really curious about your side of the story..."

Amanda was a bit startled. This was a bit out of the blue but then again, it was Trisha.

Trisha saw the look on her face and decide to elaborate. "Remember when we were getting train tickets and you mentioned that your book's revenues have slowed down and that's why you wanted to get coach?"

"Uh, yeah, well," Amanda stammered a little. She was tired and as a result she was having a hard time trying to keep up with Trisha's speed.

"Anyway, it would probably make you some extra cash,  and I did some research and found that it may even help with your memories, or at the very least be therapeutic."

"Well, " Amanda said hesitantly. She knew that blogging would be a commitment and right now, she was trying to work on her novel. "I don-"

"No, think about it!" Trisha interrupted, "People are really curious about your side of the story! You would get a lot of hits, but you have to start now!"

"I will set up a blog, but I'm not sure what to post," Amanda said finally.

"You can start by telling of our trip," Trisha said matter-of-factly.

"I guess," Amanda said thoughtfully. Trisha might be on to something.

"Make sure you put ads!" Trisha said.

"Right," Amanda said cynically, "I'll be sure to put those adblockers to work."

Trisha gave Amanda a look. She was about to say something but Amanda stopped her.

"Let me get it started first. Perhaps I'll find a way to fund it later."

Trisha nodded. "Just don't wait too long," She said as she grabbed a bag of tortilla chips from Amanda's snack cabinet. "If you wait until the dust settles, People will lose interest."

Amanda sighed and went to the fridge to grab the salsa. She realized that Trisha probably used up her data and wanted to use Amanda's internet connection.

"I'll think about it." Amanda said and set the salsa by the chips on the coffee table.
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