Thursday, January 19, 2017

Book Release

Amanda stared at her messenger bag that held her transcript. She had used it when she went to high school up to the time when she decided to homeschool. Then it was "lost" until she unpacked the last box when she moved into her apartment.

Todd told her to print out her first draft because the publishing company that he was going to send it to would rather have it on paper. She didn't have much furniture to put things on so she decided to put it into the messenger bag.

She picked up the bag and set it on the counter. She gripped either side of the bag and took a deep breath. Todd didn't seem to think of her as crazy when she told him about the blue lady. Perhaps she didn't give him enough credit. Maybe he'll like her book.

She opened her bag and took out the manila envelope. Then she walked out the door to find Todd. She knocked at his apartment. No answer. She decided, on a hunch, to check the mailboxes. It was about time to pick up the mail, anyway.

She got into the elevator thinking, "I'll have to text him if he isn't there."

Part of her didn't want him to be there. She was still apprehensive about giving him the first draft of a book inspired by her dreams.

Todd was there. He had some mail in each hand and some in his mouth.

"Is it time for lunch already?" Amanda teased. "You know, a craving for paper is a sign that you may be low on some minerals."

"Mmph," Todd said as he quickly put the two sets of mail together and takes the third out of his mouth.

"Amanda!"   Todd said, "What a pleasant surprise!"

"Well, I got another surprise for you," Amanda said, and she held the manila envelope. "Got room for one more?"

Todd chuckled and took it. "Well, it's about time," he said. "I'll get right on it, and I will talk to you about it later."

He smiled and winked at her. For a moment, it reminded her of Mr. Carter winking at Trisha.

What's with all the winking? She thought when she got back to her apartment. We don't have a dust problem, I think.

She could hear Todd laugh at some joke on his way to his apartment.
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