Friday, January 27, 2017

Bright Light

Amanda dreamed of a small room. This time she knows she's dreaming, so she took advantage of this knowledge and looked around.

All she could see was paneled walls and a few openings that were windows. She walked closer to the windows and realized that she could see the vastness of space on the other side.

She had strong feelings of sadness and loss. She got closer to get a better look and catches a glimpse of metal floating by.

She recognizes the piece and slumps to the floor crying.

No, she reminded herself, it's just a dream. She stands up and turns around. Instead of the panel wall that was behind her a moment ago, she sees the giant, the pulsating ball of light again, brighter than the last time she saw it.  She could also see the outline of the box, bulging, trying to contain it.

At first, Amanda was mesmerized. Then she looked to her left, and there was Todd, quietly watching.

Suddenly a sense of fear came over her. She looked at the ball of light which appeared to be trying to escape. She looked back at Todd.

"No, I'm sorry," she told Todd. "I can't let it go!" She turned back to the light, and she started screaming, "No! No! You can't come out yet!" She began pounding on the box. "I won't let you! I'm not ready! I'm not..."

Amanda woke up saying "ready." Her pillow was wet from her crying in her sleep.
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