Saturday, January 14, 2017

Coffee Date

Todd walked up to Amanda while she was getting her mail.

"Are you busy right now?" Todd asked.

"No," Amanda said and held up her stack of mail. "Just checking to see how many times I won a contest or sweepstakes I never entered."

"Good," Todd chuckled, "Let's get some coffee."

Amanda hesitated. She had been avoiding the coffee shop since she got back. Until Todd mentioned it, she hadn't really thought of it. Now she realizes that she was a little nervous going back, especially since "Mr. Businessman" was stalking her there.

"I don't know if I want to go back to the coffee shop just yet, " Amanda said finally.

Todd nodded, "I figured, so I thought we can try the new café in the opposite direction. It's nearing lunchtime so maybe we can get a bite to eat?"

"Okay, Sure!" Amanda said. Todd had been busy trying to deal with all of the problems with the apartments that had been festering for years. She thought it will be nice to talk with him again. "I'll set this mail in my apartment and then we can go."

Todd followed her to her apartment and stood at the doorway while she set her mail down and grabbed her small handbag. She glanced at the messenger bag that contained her first draft for her book. She hadn't touched it in quite some time. Maybe she should grab it to give it to Todd.

She decided against it and went out the door.

When they were at the café, She ordered a salad and a coffee. She wasn't really that hungry. The bars seem to do a good job at keeping her mind off food and lately, it seems to be the only thing she craved.

They talked about the trip and Amanda told him about the blog and how well it was doing.

Finally, Amanda decided to tell him about the dream of the blue lady in her living room.

"When did this happen?" Todd asked. He seemed a little excited.

"Soon after your brought over the new stove." Amanda responded.

"Did she say anything?" Todd asked.

"No, my alarm went off before anything could happen, but it wasn't the first time I've seen her," Amanda said.

Now Todd was really interested. "Really?"

"The foreign guy wanted to know where the key was." She started to explain. When she saw the confusion on his face, she added, "Yeah, I was confused too. As a matter of fact, I asked that in the dream I had afterwards." She laughed. It sounded a bit silly.

Todd didn't laugh. "So what happened?" He asked.

"She said, 'You have it.'" Amanda said.

"That's it?"

"Yeah, that's it." Amanda decided not to tell him about the rest of that particular dream, but she did have a thought, "I think she was talking about something else."

Amanda was quite surprised that Todd was this understanding. He didn’t seem to think of her as insane or weird.

Perhaps she will give her first draft to Todd as soon as she sees him again.
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