Friday, January 13, 2017

Idiosyncratic Art

Amanda finished up on her blog, and then an Idea came to her. In her last post, she had to look for a creative commons image again. What if she could make a deal with Trisha?

She closed up her laptop and headed towards Trisha's apartment.

She knocked on Trisha's door. She heard some rummaging for a few moments until finally, the door opened.

Trisha saw Amanda and smiled. Amanda noticed that Trisha had her hair pulled back tight into a bun. Seeing her best friend like this gave her a déjà vu moment.

"Oh, hi," Trisha said and stepped aside. "Come right in!"

The smell of acrylic paint greeted Amanda as she stepped in. "I see you were painting today. I didn't mean to intrude."

"Oh, no problem," Trisha said. I was finishing up." Trisha gestured towards one that looked like the lake they recently visited.

Amanda walked over and looked at it. Trisha stood off to her left by some paintings that were covered by fabric.

"Wow, Trisha," Amanda said, "This is very nice."

"Well there are some details that I need to add, but it's almost done." Trisha responded, "It's my first non-fantasy painting."

Amanda was barely listening. She was busy thinking of how to explain her idea.

"I was wondering if I can take a picture of it," Amanda asked finally, "Then can use it for my blog. Of course, I'll give you credit."

"Sure!" Trisha said after thinking about it, "Then you can make a page with all of my art info."

Amanda stopped and looked at Trisha. "Wait, you don't have a website?"

Trisha shrugged. "Maybe I should have one?"

Amanda looked back at the painting. She did notice something a little odd about the ones covered behind Trisha. She looked back at Trisha again, and that oddity was no longer there.

Amanda sighed, but not out of frustration. It seems that she's been seeing strange things a lot lately. She took out her phone and took some pictures.

"When you finished with your painting, come over, and I'll set one up for you. Better yet, we'll use one of those art sites. You are more likely to be noticed, especially if you interact with the community. You'll have to install the app for the website on your phone so that you can chat on your phone." Amanda said, "As it turns out that you were right, my blog is getting a lot of hits, so if I use your artwork, I can link to your art page, you may get a lot of hits, too."

"Okay, now that would be awesome!" Trisha said.

"I'll go back to my apartment," Amanda said, "and do a little more research on the site. Show up when you are ready." With that, she headed out the door.

When Amanda reached her apartment door, she stopped to think about the covered art that looked odd at first. One of the paintings was exposed until Amanda looked back. Trisha must have covered it back up.

What was so familiar about the painting? She wondered to herself. She turned the key and opened the door, then stopped.

The painting was the face of the creature that she thought she saw in the corner of her room the day before.

Amanda brushed it off. It looked like the creature, but she didn't get a good look at it. Her brain had been playing tricks on her a lot lately, after all. 
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