Thursday, January 12, 2017


Amanda grabbed one of the bars that Todd gave her and set her laptop on the table. After grabbing a coffee and sitting down at her laptop, she decided to check her blog and make a new post.

First she checked the stats. She couldn't believe it. She had over one hundred thousand hits. She reloaded the page. It was no glitch, her post went viral.

She decided to check her donation button account. Sure enough, some people have donated. It wasn't much, but it did help with her budget. The royalties from her PHP book were starting to go down, and it got low enough that Amanda had to cut back on some expenses. The combination of the blog and her PHP royalties should keep her afloat for a while. Maybe even keep her afloat long enough for her to publish her novel.

After Amanda posted to her blog, she decided to check the details of her statistics. It seemed that most of the hits came from one place. The link went to a very familiar forum site. Out of curiosity she clicked on it.

She skimmed it. Most of the comments were quite supportive. Some had their own conspiracy theories, including that she was a defected Russian spy, or worse, a sleeper agent.

"No wonder she can't remember anything, her mind had been wiped until they need her later," one commenter wrote.

It was followed with "I've seen her and I would definitely 'sleeper'." Another poster linked to a picture with an angry looking cat with the caption: "Your post was bad and you should feel bad!"

Amanda couldn't help but roll her eyes. That is what this site was famous for.

She finally closed that tab and looked back at her blog to check the comments. She deleted 12 comments that tried to sell a new way to weight loss. Another 16 that had some aunt's mother in law's sister's husband's step niece quit her job and was still able to buy some expensive classy car.

After responding to some legitimate comments to clarify some misunderstandings, she finally typed up a new post. This time it was about the day she was found. This one was harder to write. She didn't know how much information was too much. Then again, it was the internet.

However, the comment about the mind wipe bothered her. Was it possible?

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