Monday, January 2, 2017


Amanda was still too woozy to focus on writing, so she turned on the TV to see what was on.

She had a slight disdain for television. "Spoon-fed culture," she described it once to Trisha. However, at the moment, she welcomed any distraction from her dizziness.

It was mostly the usual news: House burned down, possibly faulty wiring, a catamount was spotted too close to civilization for comfort and needed to be relocated, or killed. Cue animal rights activist. An accident on I91 has the southbound backed up for miles. The weather was supposed to be unusually mild for the season, and some VIP got hurt again in sports.

Then her face showed up on the screen.

Oh, no, she thought.

"Up next, The mysterious woman found just a few years ago was attacked in the same spot yesterday. Stay tuned for more," the news anchor announced just before the commercial.

Amanda groaned and turned the TV off. She was not interested in the speculation that they have to offer.

The last time, because she had no clothes, so the doctors did a rape kit. There was no evidence of sexual assault. The only physical damage was the cut above her right eye. As far as anyone could tell, she wasn't touched, at least not in that way.

Then everyone speculated that drugs were involved. Amanda urinated in so many cups and became a human pincushion until the healthcare and social workers were satisfied that no drugs were involved.

It is the very reason why she moved across the country. Everyone treated her strangely. She was either a celebrity, a 'victim,' or some 'pothead' depending on who she asked.

The problem was that the violent crime rate was so low, that a naked woman with a gash on her head in the middle of the road was big news. It's something that everyone will be talking about for years and probably be hounding her about for years.

Part of her wanted to turn the TV back on, so she can be prepared for whatever is coming. The other part realized that the TV didn't distract her from the dizziness at all.

She opted to sleep and rolled over, only to feel like she was falling a million miles.

All night she dreamed that she was falling off buildings, falling off cliffs, falling out of airplanes, and of course, falling from the sky into the water.

Fortunately, the next day, she woke up and the feeling was gone. She felt as if nothing had happened.
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