Friday, January 6, 2017


Amanda had a restless night at the Inn. First, she had trouble sleeping. She couldn't stop thinking about what happened. She remembered Trisha's demeanor when the men came out of the car.

Trisha at one time freaked when she saw a tiny, harmless, house spider. She easily panicked when she had forgotten her pencils, once. She was hesitant to speak with receptionist at the hotel and she had Amanda order the train tickets, just in case she would actually have to make a phone call to check prices.

 Amanda never saw her with that kind of confidence, until that day.

The men were after a key or some weapon. While it's true that that there were crazies out there, usually it has to do with some psychopath's undying love or hatred. They thought she did have something.

Then there were the images that flashed through her mind. Actually it was more like scenes from another person's life. It first started with the rock that flew by her head. She saw it come at her and almost ducked, but then she realized that it was just in her mind. All of the scenes were that realistic. She had a difficult time trying to keep a grip on reality. None of them made any sense.

She finally fell asleep. Her dreams, however,  were just as troubling. She dreamed of when she was found. She dreamed of the disembodied voice, again, telling her to take off her clothes.

Then she dreamed of overlooking the lake.  She naked, except for her pendant, holding a box that looked like a larger version of Todd's test material.
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