Saturday, January 28, 2017


Amanda washed her face in the bathroom. She felt like she was crying for hours. She still felt like she was losing something.

It was just a dream, she thought, and then look intently in the mirror at herself and said out loud, "It was just a dream."

She got dressed in a pair of jeans and a loose shirt. Then she decided to have her breakfast bar.

She knew Trisha wouldn't be back for a few days and Todd- Well, talking to Todd was out of the question. Amanda wasn't sure what his problem was.

She decided that maybe this would be a good time to check her book. Perhaps that will keep her busy for a little while.

She sat down in her recliner and skimmed the first chapter. Todd didn't mark this chapter.

Does it matter anymore? Amanda thought. She fanned the pages and sighed. For some reason, it no longer interested her anymore. Usually, she would read a few pages and then she would get more ideas and write them down.

Now it seemed as if someone else wrote them. The story was interesting, but Amanda no longer felt connected to it. When she read it, it was as if she was reading another person's work.

She set it on the built in shelf that was in her living room, thinking that she will get to it eventually. She grabbed her laptop and sat back into her recliner to blog instead. After all, it was generating enough income to live off of for a little while.
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