Thursday, January 5, 2017


"Okay, now that I'm officially stir-crazy," Amanda said in between mouthfuls, "Is anyone going to tell me what happened before I ended up in the hospital?"

Their dinner from a local sandwich shop had just arrived. There was No Wi-Fi, no cell service, and the news was only a reiteration of what the trio already knew and heard. Amanda had an offline game on her phone, but that got boring pretty fast, and at this point, she was suffering from writer's block.

Trisha and Todd looked at each other.

"We've only been here a few hours," Trisha said finally, "and you never asked until now, so I'll tell you."

Amanda put aside her sandwich. She didn't want to miss anything.

Trisha took a deep breath. "The foreign guy is named Ammar Hadi Handal. Not sure what he wanted, but apparently he thought you had something important. I couldn't get what exactly was so important from the detective, but I guess there's some rumor that you have some important secret to some weapon."

If Amanda had taken a drink at that moment, she would have done a spit-take. "What?!"

"Yeah, I know, right?" Trisha responded. "You'll have to check the conspiracy sites on that one. I think this rumor started in the deep web somewhere. I saw a few websites while you were in the hospital and texted you some links."

Amanda rolled her eyes and instinctively checked her phone. "Oh right. No service," she said.

Trisha giggled. "Anyway, he's the one I tasered. The other guy was so freaked. I don't think he was expecting weapons to be involved. He was apologizing profusely. His name was Brian Lane. I guess he was paid to track you, but I think he got in way over his head." Then Trisha chuckled, "He let me use his phone to call the cops."

"So, that's it?" Amanda asked. Why does it always seem that she's not getting the whole story?

"Just before I came up here, " Todd said, "I heard the detective yelling about the CIA and jurisdiction."

Amanda could hear Trisha gasp a little.

"Looks like the detective won't been questioning them tonight, after all," Todd said grimly

Amanda could see the concern on Trisha's face. Something was amiss, but she had a feeling that if she asked, she still wouldn't get a straight answer. 
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