Wednesday, January 18, 2017


"It's kind of like a jewelry and trinkets show," Trisha explained as Amanda locked her apartment door behind her. "It's not something I do, but I thought we could show some support to some fellow artists."

Amanda nodded, and they walked out the apartment.

"It's also where I get my accessories," Trisha said, "I honestly think they're much better than the junk costume jewelry at the discount store. The jewelers nearby is a bit rich for my blood."

Amanda chuckled. She doesn't wear jewelry except for her pendant. But she does like seeing other's work.

The host greeted them as they walked into the show. She then talked to Trisha for a few minutes as Amanda stood there awkwardly.

The room reminded her of the boutiques that she has visited in Vermont. Except for price tags below each object, there were cards that it described the piece, named the artist and had the price.

Amanda looked up from one of the pieces at Trisha who already had a few on and was chatting away with someone else.

"Well, I didn't expect you here!" a voice boomed behind her.

Amanda spun around and came face to chest with Mr. Carter. She looked up to see him in an unusually good mood.

"You seem to be in an unusually good mood," Amanda said out loud, then she blushed. She realized that she implied that he was always grumpy.

"Well," Mr. Carter didn't seem to notice, "I've had some good news from home." He winked at Trisha who giggled as if it were some inside joke.

Amanda was about to ask what was funny but changed her mind. Later that evening, the moment would come back to the forefront of her mind.

Trisha was there much longer than Amanda. She was also an extrovert, able to turn anyone into a close friend within minutes. It wouldn't be a surprise that there was some inside joke that Amanda didn't know.

Amanda checked the clock. It was early, but she felt she could go to sleep right now.

It's about time, she thought. She wasn't able to sleep much the past few days since her last sleep marathon. She had nothing important to do, so she got ready for bed. By the time she reached her bed, she could barely crawl into it.
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