Monday, February 20, 2017


Amanda decided it was a good time to dust. She's good at picking up after herself and basic cleaning, but when it comes to dusting, she has to make a conscience effort to do it. So she dug out her dusting wand and the disposable dusters that came with it.

She started at one corner of the apartment and worked her way to the bookshelf. It wouldn't have taken her so long if it weren't for the trouble spots on the windows. She had to grab a bottle of cleaner and some paper towels to clean some trouble spots.

Once she reached the bookshelf, she picked up a few items, including a frame with her and her foster family. She studied it for a moment, then put it back. She grabbed another object. It was the manila envelope that she set up there a few months prior.

Amanda dusted it and then set her duster down. Then she walked over to her recliner chair with the envelope and sat down.

She debated whether or not to set it down and finish dusting. She didn't have much more to do. She looked up at the shelf that she was dusting seconds before.

It was just a few more shelves; I could finish it later, she thought as she slid the edited first draft out of the envelope. She would rather read the manuscript instead of dusting anyway.

She skimmed the book until she got to the description of the alien city. She couldn't think of the city's name, so she used a random planet name generator she found online. It didn't fit. As she reread the description, she had a longing, as if she was missing something.

Amanda got up off the recliner and set the manuscript down onto the coffee table. She grabbed her laptop, which now had a thin layer of dust on the cover. Amanda grabbed her microfiber cloth and wiped it off, then took her laptop over to the coffee table and sat on the love seat. She decided to edit the manuscript and give it to Todd.

Since there were few edits she had to do, she was done just a few minutes for the electricians to show up.

When she left the cloth grocery bag hanging on the door of Todd's apartment, she had a sense that this was the beginning of something big. She wasn’t sure what it was, but she knew that her life was about to change.
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