Thursday, February 16, 2017


After the encounter with Todd, Amanda realized that she wasn't tired and it wasn't likely she was going back to sleep anytime soon. So she decided it was a good time to check her stats on her blog.

She noticed that one of the links came from the infamous forum site's paranormal thread. She sighed and followed the link.

"Omg!" the original post exclaimed, "I didn't notice this coincidence before. Maybe she was abducted. That would explain why she has no memory. Check this link!" 

"Oh come off it," another posted, "She's a Russian sleeper. They're just waiting for the right moment to wake her. They landed her there by Lake Champlain to keep us off the trail. After all, nothing significant comes from the Northeast, except stupid libtards. The reason why the government hasn't said anything is because it's still being run by the libtards."

Amanda groaned, there's always that person who does his/her best to turn a thread into a political war. Sure enough, there were hundreds of replies. She skipped those. It was like watching a car wreck. No one likes it when it happens, but when it does, unless you force yourself to look the other way, you will be there for hours, staring at the destruction.

"*Gets popcorn, watches tinfoil hat wearers circle jerk themselves to death*" One of the posts said. This one seemed to be for the previous post that was deleted, but it was just as relevant for the whole thread.

"Think about it. If you read her PHP books, she is really smart. She's probably a sleeper cell hacker."

"Well, that's probably more of a possibility than a UFO. If they have been on this particular site and read the posts, it's likely that any life with some intelligence will run in the opposite direction, then set up a blockade so that no other race with any intelligence would be infected with our stupidity."

"LOL, no intelligent life here, move on!"

"Hot or not?"

"I rest my case."

"6/10, wuld still bang dat hoe."

"6/10?! Why?!" Amanda exclaimed then facepalmed. I will not get sucked in; I will NOT get sucked in, she thought.

Amanda took a deep breath and decided to skip the responses to the last post and clicked the link to the original post.

It was a website dedicated to UFOs.

"UFO is an initialism that stands for Unidentified Flying Object. It may mean that the object is not of this world, but it doesn't always mean a flying saucer or a space ship from another planet. It just means that the object has been officially unidentified. This site is dedicated to being a repository of images taken of such objects."

Maybe a reasonable site, Amanda thought.

She checked the page of the meteorite seen in Vermont. As it turns out, there were a few who posted videos of a bright streak going across the sky and landing behind the mountains. One showed the same meteorite falling behind the trees. One was from a dash cam that caught the same streak as they were driving. The driver and passenger were going berserk.

One person, who was living on the lake, recorded the meteorite landing with splash. The shaky video ran through his house and onto his deck. The person on the video was yelling obscenities that he bleeped out. The camera panned up to the dusk sky, then you can see the waves on the water.

 "Holy, *bleep*! It landed in the water." There was a lot of rustling sounds as the person holding the camera tried to keep it steady.

Someone in the distant background exclaimed, "Did you get that on camera?!"

"I don't… Yeah, I think I got it." The cameraman said breathlessly. "I-I'm not… sure, but I think I got it."

The page continued. The Government denies that there was any meteorite at all. The videos were hoaxes. There's no official record of a meteorite in that area. There was no news report either, which is interesting. Something like this would definitely make the news.

She did, after all.
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