Sunday, February 12, 2017


Amanda noticed someone trying to come after her. She knew that it wasn't a problem, she could handle it, but she didn't want to. So instead, she ran away and hid and waited for a chance to get onto her laptop.

The moment came, and Amanda quickly got onto her laptop and clicked onto some forums and played some music kitten videos loudly. It confused the ones trying to chase her, and this gave her an opportunity to find Todd. She ran through the halls of the apartment, which was really a maze of doors. She knew at that moment, she needed to find Todd to fix a light, but she couldn't find him in the apartment complex.

Amanda saw Trisha and tried to explain this to her, but Trisha refused to turn around.

It must because the light needs to be fixed, Amanda thought.

Amanda decided to look in the coffee shop. She entered through the front door, which went underground. Amanda walked into the coffee shop and saw a familiar open vault. She walked over and peered inside. Rows and rows of small flat glass-like objects lined the walls. There were other items, but she couldn't quite make them out. They were distorted objects not resembling anything she has seen before.

She looked down at her pendant. A hand that is not hers reached out for it.

"We must protect these secrets at any cost," A familiar voice said.

Amanda looked up, and there was Brian Lane.

"The Creator wills!" Amanda yelled as she jumped out of bed. She couldn't believe what she just said, or maybe it was part of the dream. Amanda was in a complete panic, and her heart raced. She knew she wasn't in the right mindset.

Amanda checked the clock. It was a few minutes before four. She didn't care anymore about being rude. She knew she had to do something before she goes crazy.
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