Friday, February 10, 2017


Amanda tried to find Todd. It was odd that before his last visit he was where she looked for him. Now it seemed that she could not find him anywhere.

She finally gave up and went to her apartment. She closed the door and leaned up against it.

Amanda recounted the encounter with Brian. She was usually good at reading people, but for some reason, she couldn't read him at all. He seemed sincere, but she really couldn't tell.

Perhaps, I second guess myself too much, she thought.

She needed to tell someone what happened.

Amanda grabbed her phone, pulled up her contact for Trisha and texted, "Guess who paid me a visit today?" She was about to send it, then hesitated.

Trisha was going to be back in a few days. At the moment, she was probably chatting up a few potential buyers. If she forgot to turn off the sound of her phone, it could be a problem. Trisha may have been not so friendly lately, but that doesn't mean Amanda could be rude.

Amanda let her phone save the message to draft and pulled out her laptop. She set it on the table, opened it, and loaded her browser. Amanda thought about browsing, but her mind kept going back to her meeting with Brian. She could have sworn she had seen him before.

Of course, I've seen him before, Amanda thought, countless of times at the coffee shop.  That wasn't it, and she knew it. She had a déjà vu moment.

She sighed and went onto her one of her social media accounts. She tried to find a way to get her mind off the meeting.

She clicked on a sponsored slideshow site of "50 photos of people behaving badly, " but instead of looking at the pictures, she mindlessly hit next. She had too many questions. How was it possible that he was able to convince whoever was in charge that it was okay to approach his victim? Why was he back in California? Wasn't he tried in Vermont?

That last question was somewhat stupid. Amanda knew that she could have looked up the details of the case and see what happened; Or maybe not. She vaguely remembered Trisha mentioning something about the CIA.

The CIA?

Amanda blinked. She was already reading a new article called "10 CIA Secrets Declassified." She's seen this one. Heart attack gun, Mk-Ultra, the plans to Execute Hitler when he was caught, among other similar conspiracies that may or may not have been accurate. It was the internet after all.

My brain is playing tricks on me, She thought, and she clicked on a video site to see if she can find any real distractions.

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