Monday, February 6, 2017


Amanda closed up her blog and checked her stats. Views were going down, and with it the revenues those views generated.

It's been almost six months since she was attacked in Vermont and it's been four years since she was found. She did have a small surge of visitors on that anniversary, mostly likely curious to see what she was up to, but a number of visitors had steadily dropped.

Amanda wasn't surprised. She had planned on making an app to make up for the revenue, but every idea she came up with she would find in a search.

So instead, she browsed meaningless websites, including a popular image site. After a few hours of doing that, she decided to try a popular anonymous site. She clicked on the link and then closed the lid of her laptop.

What am I doing? She thought. After a few minutes, she realized she was trying to fill her mind with noise, any noise. It's been lonely lately - lonely and quiet.

Amanda had a hard time finding Todd. He was busy making improvements to the apartment complex, and he was doing an excellent job at it. Recently, the walls in the hallways got a fresh coat of paint, and daylight LEDs replaced the old flickering fluorescents.

Trisha was hardly around anymore. They did hang out when she wasn't running around the country with her artwork. They usually talked business, however, and Trisha went out of her way to not mention Vermont or their trip.

The Burly neighbors next door didn't seem to fight anymore, at least not when Amanda was around. The last time Amanda saw them, they appeared to be in a hurry to go somewhere.

She hasn't had any hallucinations for a while, nor did she have any crazy dreams to occupy her mind. As a matter of fact, Amanda realized that she couldn't recall most dreams. The ones she could remember were vague and random and made no sense.

It almost like the life that she had was not hers. Every time she thought of what happened, it was as if she imagined it.

She decided to go to the coffee shop. At least it was noisy.
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