Sunday, February 26, 2017


Amanda woke up in the morning to the sound of her phone ringing. It took her a moment to realize what was going on and by the time she reached for her phone, it stopped.

She checked her phone logs. She missed a call from an unknown number. It happened a few more times during the day.

"Probably, telemarketers," She thought and got up.

She had her breakfast bar and then reached for her laptop to check her messages from the previous post.

She was quite shocked to see how many comments there were. She checked her stats and followed the first Facebook link that had a substantial amount of hits.

She found that a popular paranormal Facebook page linked to her blog.

Most of the comments were quite supportive. Some, not so much.

"Wow, you are brave or stupid. Either way, good luck to you."

"I'm praying for you, may G-d help you find peace."

"Please find out because if someone actually did that to you, the jerk needs to be strung out to dry."

"I could not do what you are doing. I much rather enjoy hiding in my basement, commenting on blogs, safe and sound."

"OMG you are so brave, I don't think I would have had the courage that you have."

"I agree with what you're saying, this actually might be the only way to find more about your past."

"made me cry, the feels ;-;"

"*grabs popcorn* let the games begin"

"Haha again? Your going to be asulted, like last time…."

The comments were sorted from best to worse. So the ones that people liked or agreed with were on the top. Some were short stories on their personal experiences, including those who wished others had spoken out before the perpetrator got to them.

As she went down the list, the comments got more and more useless and annoying.

She deleted any spam selling T-shirts, "Genuine" Rolexes, make money at home schemes, and male enhancement products.

Someone took the time to make an ASCII art of a male part. Amanda deleted it. It didn't add anything to the conversation.

Finally, she answered any questions that some of the commenters had except "When" questions. She wasn't sure when and she didn't know if it would be wise to tell everyone. If she goes, she wants to be there with only one friend. Not a whole group of people who are curious.

After she had finished, she hit 'sort by time' so she can see if there were any new comments since she signed on a few hours ago. There was one.

"I know you have the key."

Amanda quickly deleted it and shut her computer off. That was enough of that for the day.
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