Monday, March 27, 2017

Allium Cepa

Amanda stayed in her apartment all day. She didn't feel like going out, even after she had stayed inside all day sorting her notes.

Todd replaced her door with an old one that was in the basement until he could order some more for the whole apartment.

Trisha had to be somewhere, but she didn't tell her where, and Amanda was too depressed to ask. She figured that Trisha had another art show or she was going to another art show.

She no longer had her make-shift table, and she no longer had a place to sit. So, she laid across her bed with her laptop using a cutting board to keep her laptop from being suffocated by the blankets.

After watching countless of YouTube videos and a Netflix documentary about the Egyptians, she decided to check the stats on her blog.

It went viral again. Tragedy and drama have a tendency to do that.

Again, Amanda sorted through all of the spam first, then the comments. Most were supportive, but she did get a few haters. Quite a few of them were the these-criminals-should-burn-at-the-stake variety.

After an hour of this, she resorted her comments so that the new were first. One comment just had a link, but it wasn't the typical spam link.

Amanda knew this type of link. She quickly wrote it down, and after double checking, she deleted the comment.

She looked at her piece of paper. It had a .onion extension. She was going to need to download a different browser.
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