Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Clean Up

After giving Amanda his card, in case she had any questions or finds something is missing, Detective Gabaldon left.

Todd poked at the wood where the striker plate used to be.

"I think I will get these doors replaced," Todd said. He spots the striker plate on the floor and picks it up. Studying the piece of metal, he continued, "Ones that are a little more secured."

Amanda stood there for a moment, looking around her apartment. Then she stares sadly at the mound of fluff that used to be her love seat.

"They trashed everything," Amanda said sadly.

"You know, I bet I can find some replacement furniture," Todd said helpfully, "I mean, I know it's not the same, but it's more than nothing."

Amanda nodded and sighed, "Well, I guess it's time to clean this mess up."

Amanda started to pick up the scattered magazines on the floor, and Todd left to get some garbage bags.

It took them a few hours sorting and putting things back to where they belong. Amanda's mattress also suffered the same fate as the seating and Todd had to call for a dumpster to dispose of them.

Then he left to get a replacement door from the basement. Trisha followed him to help.

When Trisha came back, she convinced Amanda to go shopping to replace her shredded sheets, and perhaps go out for some real treat. They took a cab, and when they got back, there was a new mattress waiting for her.

"Where did this come from?" Amanda asked.

"Mr. Carter thought he could help out a little. While you were gone, he had me order one from the local furniture store," Todd explained.

"And Trisha knew," Amanda said with a smile towards her friend. "Thank you!"

"Well, you know, what are friends for?" Trisha said, and they hugged.

Trisha and Amanda cleaned up her bedroom. Todd thought it would be best if he finished the living room and let the women sort through Amanda's personal items.

When Amanda and Trisha finally finished, they walked out into a clean apartment. Todd had a bunch of the index cards in his hand.

"I think these are your notes," he said, "I'm not sure what order they're supposed to be in so I just stacked them onto your counter." He gestured towards the rest of her index cards.

"That's okay. I'll sort the cards tonight," Amanda said. "Or maybe tomorrow. I need to post to my blog and see if I can find out more about this rumor about some key." Amanda walked to where her notes were and put her hand on them. "Or whatever story about me that happens to be flying around the internet these days."

"That is probably a good idea," Todd said, and he walked over to her and hugged her. "I'm going to call my friend, and we are going to Vermont as soon as possible."
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