Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Amanda rarely used Tor. It wasn't that she didn't like it, she just didn't see a use for it. Tor is a browser that allows people to browse anonymously. Very few people use Tor for the sake of just being anonymous unless they believe that they have a reason to be anonymous.

Some are People who are the extreme conspiracy theorist who really have nothing to worry about, want to sell illegal goods, looking for illegal goods, or are genuinely trying to escape or overthrow an oppressive government.

The majority of them were not trying to overthrow their oppressive government.

It's called the dark web. Most of the sites that Amanda visited were not much different than the conspiracy sites she has seen on the normal web. Wall of text with multi-color and multi-sized font reminiscent of the 90s proclaiming the Illuminati's involvement in the government. The blinking titles gave her a headache.

Then there were the other sites. One was a 'hire a hit man site,' although Amanda thought that it was more likely a sting site to catch people trying to kill off someone over a perceived slight. There was also drug sites that sold both cheap prescription knockoffs and the illegal variety. Then there were the really disturbing, or pornography site links, which Amanda, had the misfortune on clicking. Unlike the websites in the normal web, there was no NSFW label.

It wasn't long before she uninstalled Tor.

So now she had Tor loaded onto her laptop yet again, and was concerned that she was being trolled. She looked at the piece of paper in her hand and wished that she copied/pasted it, but she still wrote things down sometimes out of habit from when she lived in her foster home.

She typed in the link, and the page took a long time to load. Soon, though, it was evident that the first page wasn't that disturbing but still had that "CONSPIRACY THEORY RIGHT HERE!" feel. It talked about how the world's governments were in collusion with some alien race, and how some of our techs actually comes from this alien race who happened to be stuck here.

There was a mention of one of the aliens who had a key to some very powerful weapon that could theoretically vaporize the planet.

Amanda scoffed. She wondered how popular this page was, as there were no visible stats to see. She began to wonder if there was some version of Alexa for .onion sites.

Amanda continued reading and found that some details were eerily similar to the book she wrote. It wouldn't have been a problem, except that her book wasn't published yet.

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