Sunday, March 19, 2017


A few minutes after Trisha put her phone away, the elevator dinged. Todd walked out.

"What happened?" He practically ran past Amanda and stepped inside her apartment. Amanda grabbed his arm to stop him from going in further, but he had already stopped and turned towards Amanda.

"What's going on? Are you alright?" Todd asked her.

"I'm," Amanda paused, still trying to process what happened. "I'm not physically injured, anyway."

Todd hugged Amanda.

A few moments later,  Amanda, who had her head buried in Todd's shoulder, heard the elevator ding and then police radio chatter. She looked up to see two police officers walk in. One walked in dressed in professional attire with his badge on the outside of his sports coat. The other was in uniform, his radio quietly chattering about other calls.

"So, what do we have here?" One of them asked. Amanda recognized the voice. It sounded like the officer that was questioning everyone about Joey's death. His eyes fell on Amanda. He looked confused at first.

"My name is Detective Matthew J. Gabaldon," he said as he held out his hand towards Amanda, "I suspect it was your apartment that was ransacked?"

Amanda took his hand and shook it. "Yeah, I haven't been in it yet, I thought it would be best to wait until you were here."

"And you thought right," the detective said, and he stepped into the apartment and looked around. "You are the girl from Vermont, right? The one that was attacked recently?"

"Yes," Amanda said. "That's right."

"You said that one of them spoke of a key?" He asked.

"Yeah. I guess the guy thought I had some key and he wanted me to give it to him. It was supposedly some rumor on the internet. She sighed, "I haven't found it anywhere, though." Amanda explained.

The detective nodded. Amanda followed him into the apartment. She was relieved to see that her laptop was seemingly untouched on the table.

"Well, your laptop is still there, whoever was in here was here for something specific." The detective said. He pointed at what used to be her love seat and recliner.

Amanda groaned. "I liked those sofas. It took me forever to find them."

The detective finished going through her apartment. In her room, her drawers and its contents were strewn all over her bedroom.

"How long were you out?" The detective asked before leaving.

"Not more than an hour, but I don't have much stuff for anyone to go through, so it probably only took a few minutes."

"Alright, then," the detective said, "if you notice something is missing, let me know. I doubt it, though, I think more people believe this rumor than just that one guy."

Amanda knew that she would have to find some way to stop this. She looked at her laptop. It was time for another post- after she cleaned up the mess.

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