Saturday, March 11, 2017


"Trisha! You're back!" Todd called out as the girls walked in to the Apartment complex. Amanda and Trisha came back from browsing the art show down the road.

"I bet you can use a coffee break," Amanda said. "Why don't you come up to my apartment?"

"Actually I could use a break," Todd responded and he followed the girls into the elevator.

In the apartment, Amanda plugged in her Keurig and took the box of coffee pods out of her cabinet. Trisha opened the fridge and grabbed the cream, and Todd grabbed the sugar out of the cabinet. They both put their items onto the table.

"You know, it's that website Amanda made for me that got me so popular," Trisha said. "The traffic from your blog really helped… Maybe a little too much. I've been running around cross country in meet-and-greets and interviews and now I'm exhausted."

"Humblebrag much?" Amanda teased.

"I am acknowledging that I wouldn't have done it without you, really," Trisha responded and nudged her just before sitting down. "But it is your fault that I'm so tired."

Trisha continued on about her trip for a little while. She talked about the places she's seen and the people she met.

Finally, there was a pause in the conversation. Todd got up to make himself a second cup of coffee. Amanda took a the moment to speak up.

"I may have to see my psychiatrist again," Amanda said.

They both looked at her and got very quiet. The Keurig hissed as it forced the last bit of water through the pod.

"Why is that?" Todd finally said as he grabbed his cup of coffee and sat down.

"I've been hallucinating." Amanda now realized that she didn't know what to say. How could she describe it? "It stopped for a few months, but today I thought I saw someone watching me."

"Oh, gawd, it isn't Brian is it?" Trisha exclaimed.

"No, it wasn't Brian," Amanda said, "It was a woman. She was there, and I blinked, and she was gone. In hindsight, I could have sworn some people have walked right through her."

Trisha and Todd looked at each other, concerned.

"It was just a moment," Todd said, "And you have been under some stress. Perhaps you should hold off a little."

Amanda shook her head. "This time it was only a moment. The last time I lost at least a half hour."

"What was that hallucination, out of curiosity?" Todd asked

"I don't quite remember, but I think it was some sort of glass tunnel. It was like I was going through it, but that wasn't the only one."

Todd and Trisha exchanged glances.

"Amanda," Todd said, "I still think you should hold off. Just for a little while. It may be…" He trailed off.

"It may be that it was a one-time incident," Trisha finished Todd's sentence, "It's been a few months before, it may not happen again for a while."

"But if it does," Todd continues, "Come to us and we'll help you out."

"I'll even drive you to your appointment," Trisha said.

"Well, he's in walking distance, but thanks," Amanda said. "I guess I will wait to see if there are any more problems, but I don't want to wait until I do something stupid. I mean, what if I have a hallucination that someone is attacking me?"

Amanda noticed that Todd and Trisha looked mortified.

"Okay, that's like saying, 'What if I get hit by a meteor?' I'm probably worrying about it too much. I'll wait, but if I get any more hallucinations, I will be checking in."

Todd looked relieved, but Trisha seemed a little nervous still.

"Just let me know first," Todd said. "You don't want to go without some support from your friends."
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