Saturday, March 25, 2017

On Key

2015/04/27 8:00 am

What is the problem?!

I get into my apartment to find it torn apart. Apparently, someone really thought that I had something that they wanted. It wasn't my laptop. It wasn't my silverware. As a matter of fact, nothing was taken because whatever it was they wanted doesn't exist!

When I was attacked in Vermont, one of my attackers yelled to give him a key. What key? You want my apartment key, because that's all I have. Well, I also have the old key. You can have that because my old door was replaced after someone destroyed it. I don't even have a car key.

What is your problem? You are an idiot if you believe everything you see on the internet. Worse if you destroy someone's life because you believe the garbage that's out there and want whatever mystical object that someone describes in a blog or website.

I don't know how to explain this to you anymore. I don't think I can convince any ignorant moron that I don't have what they believe in their fantasy world that I have.

I did some research online. It's why I didn't post immediately after the incident. By the time I finished searching for an explanation, it was late and I just went to bed. I couldn't find anything, so I'm going to ask my readers: where can I find the rumor that I have something that would cause them to completely destroy my furniture.

Oh, and I'm not a Russian spy. That rumor is on the internet and it's also not true. I don't understand some people. It's times like these that I wish I could meet these people in person, and read their minds. 

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