Friday, March 17, 2017


While Todd and Amanda were still at the café, the power went out. Todd groaned.

"What?" Amanda asked, "It's a scheduled power outage. They're supposed to be upgrading the transformers on our street. It'll be back on in an hour or so. We all got a postcard from the power company."

Todd sighed. "Just wait and see."

Amanda and Todd walked into the apartment complex. A woman with a child on her hip walks up to Todd and starts yelling at him.

"My power is out! I have to feed my kids!"

"It's a scheduled outage. The entire street is out."

The woman began cursing. "Are you deaf or an idiot? I need my power turned back on!"

"The entire street is out," Amanda repeated slowly, "I know it sucks, but you need to call the power company, they'll tell you the same thing."

The woman gave Amanda a dirty look. Amanda gave no expression back.

Finally, after cursing some more, the woman gave up and walked away mumbling about incompetence and that she needed the power to watch her show.

Todd waited until the woman was out of an earshot and whispered under his breath to Amanda, "She's not the only one like that here."

Then he said in a normal voice, "Well, I do have a lot more work to do, and it looks like I'll be on this floor for a while."

Amanda hit the button on the elevator. She could hear someone else cursing down the hall. "Why isn't my microwave working?! And my TV? Why's the TV off?!"

Amanda quickly stepped into the open elevator. She turned to see Todd with "Put me out of my misery now?" look on his face as the elevator doors closed.

As soon at the elevator doors opened up, she knew something was wrong. She could see her apartment door, and it looked off.

As she approached her apartment, she saw that her door was slightly ajar. The striker was missing, and the wood where it used to be was damaged. Her pace quickened, and she peered into her place to see her apartment a mess.

She heard the elevator dinged and she turned to see Trisha, on her phone, step out. She puts her phone in her pocket and looks up and smiles when she sees Amanda.

"Hey, Aman…" Trisha says and stops. She sees the shocked look on her face. "What's wrong?"

Trisha walked over to where Amanda was standing, and they both looked inside her apartment. She then immediately took her phone out and started dialing.

Amanda was about to walk inside to assess the damage, then realized that maybe she should wait until the cops showed up.
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