Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Good News, Finally

Amanda was still looking at Todd. Finally, he turned towards Amanda. "It's the second time I told them to wait." He sighed "It's like they don't speak English or something."

Amanda chuckled. "I've heard rumors on how government agents can be persistent."

"Anyway," Todd said, changing the subject, "I came here to tell you some good news."

"Please tell me that you finally convinced people that there is no key!" Amanda said. She was half joking. She was already formulating a rant post for her blog in her head.

"I wish," Todd said, "Then we could put this behind us. I wanted to let you know to start getting ready for the trip to Vermont. I have a lull in jobs coming up, and I thought you might want to go."

"Well, that is good news!" Amanda said. With all that has been going on, she had a new resolve for getting her memories back.

"So, are you going to tell Trisha, or am I?" Amanda said.

"Oh you two are best friends," Todd said, "You can tell her, but I think she has a few local tours to go to so she won't be able to go."

Amanda nodded. Lately, Trisha had been extremely busy with her art shows.

"So a definite date?" Amanda asked.

"Oh yes, five days from now," Todd said, "Don't worry about anything, this time. I got it all covered."

"I got to go," Todd said, glancing at the clock "I do have jobs right up until we leave. I'll call you a couple of days before so you can pack."

Amanda walked Todd out the door. Then he turned around, took her hands in his and looked at her.

"You are sure you want to do this again?"

"For the possibility of closure, Yes."

Todd leaned over and kissed her cheek and left.
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