Friday, April 14, 2017

Jet Lag

"Hey," Todd put his hand on Amanda's shoulder, "We're here."

Amanda was startled awake. It was a long flight. They had to stop halfway to refuel, and there was a problem at that particular airport that grounded them for a few hours.

Exhausted, Amanda practically stumbled out of the plane. Todd reached out and steadied her.

"Are you alright?" Todd asked.

"I didn’t sleep well," Amanda said. "I could sleep a few more hours." She looked up to see a familiar car drive up. It was her former foster parents.

Todd, after he grabbed one of the bags out of the trunk paused long enough to whisper in her ear, "I thought you might want some support."

He walks past her as she watches their car come to a stop.

Amanda never got close to her foster parents. Their beliefs at the time had cut them off from the rest of the world, isolating them from even those who lived in the same house.

The last time she saw them, she saw a change for the positive in them that got her curious. It's going be an interesting trip.

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