Thursday, April 6, 2017


After Todd left and she got over the shock of Todd kissing her on the cheek, she decided to go and get her mail.

All the way down to the mail boxes, she thought of what just happened. Was Todd finally over the issues he had to work out? Was she over her issues enough to start a relationship?

She opened her mailbox and started to rifle through her mail. Halfway through, she realized that it seemed to be very busy. She looked up to see a few people talking to Mr. Carter. These people were as tall and bulky as he was.

She looked down the hall and she noticed a few more new faces. As she looked at some people, they turned away quickly as if they were caught staring at her.

Some of the people she saw occasionally, mostly to yell at Todd that something wasn't done to their satisfaction, and then to yell at him again because he didn't jump fast enough, were no longer there.

In the process of taking in the scene, she thought she saw the woman she had saw while getting ice cream with Trisha at the end of the hall, but when Amanda blinked, she was gone.
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