Sunday, June 18, 2017


Roger sat down in the chair across the table from Amanda.  Neither of them took their eyes off each other. Finally, Amanda said, "I saved your life."

Roger didn't say anything. He seemed surprised.

"So, your memory returned," Roger said.

"Some," Amanda responded. "Most of it is still vague."

"Your tumor," Roger started and stopped. Amanda could sense his concern.

"It's still there," Amanda said sadly, "I may have stopped it from growing, but I don't remember how to get rid of it."

There was some silence.

"Please figure it out soon," Roger said. He sounded disappointed.

Amanda gave him an odd look. Then she looked back at the door.

Roger sighed. "I'm sorry I put you through this. I had to find out if our tech could get into the wrong hands."

"It was you with the website and the rumors," Amanda snapped, "And you put my friends and me in danger. Doing the wrong thing for the right reason is what …" She stopped. She didn't know if she should go on.

Roger looked fearful. "Is what?"

"It's what lost our city," Amanda whispered.

Roger slowly stood up. He was visibly upset, but not surprised.

"Then it wouldn't have mattered what we would have done. You were doing the right thing, weren't you."

Amanda was too weak to her hide her emotions.

"No," she said. "The right thing would have been to bring up a challenge."

"You didn't?" Roger asked. "Why?" He sounded as if he was genuinely curious.

"I didn't do what I needed to do because I was afraid," Amanda said weakly then paused for a moment, finally processing what happened. Then after thinking a moment, she scoffed. "I am just as bad."

Roger walked over behind her and untied her hands.

"It's almost over now," Roger said.

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