Friday, June 16, 2017


Two large men came down the stairs and picked up Amanda from either side.

She could hear Todd begin to struggle.

"It's no use," Brian said to Todd, "It's too late, now."

Amanda felt Todd's heartbreak, but she couldn't let him know that there was still hope. She needed the calm man to be on her side first.

They took her to a room that was apparently modified. The walls were too thick. Even then, the padding wasn't sufficient to block out all energy noise, but it was enough to keep the other two from finding out anything.

They sat her down in a chair. She didn't put up much of a fight. Instead she let her eyes droop a little, conveying non-responsiveness to her handlers.

Amanda looked past a third man, and she could sense his panic.

"Now all of you leave," The calm man said.

"Wha-" the third man started, then stopped.

"You did enough already," the calm man said, "You need to get out so I can do my job without distractions."

The third man glared at him and left.

The calm man picked up a large block that was made of a foam-like material and put it in front of the door. It fit perfectly.

Amanda noticed that the foam blocked most of the energy from the outside. Now she had her chance.

"What is your name?" Amanda whispered.

It was an odd question from someone who was nearly a vegetable, but the calm man answered, "Just call me Roger -"

He stopped and looked at her shocked. In his mind, he saw the two of them standing in a similar room where she was the interrogator. He wasn't thinking of it. Someone pushed that image into his mind.

She remembered.

She remembered Everything.

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