Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Amanda was tired but conscious on the way home. The soldiers and the others got into a little boat, which took them to an aircraft carrier. On the way there, the soldiers described the scene as they congratulated each other for a successful mission.

The soldiers got to Todd and Brian first without raising any alarms. When they got to the room outside of where Amanda and Roger were, the captors immediately turned their guns towards the insulated room, trying to kill them both.

If it weren't for Roger's quick thinking, they would both be dead.

They reached the navel carrier boat. Amanda looked up at the side of the ship. She could see the name of the ship emblazoned on the side. As they passed the massive wall of steel, Amanda thought it reminded her of something, but she couldn't think of it at the moment.

Amanda looked at Todd. He was watching the soldiers navigate the boat onto the floating dock. She knew that she needed to talk to him, but she needed talk to him alone.

By the time they docked the boat, Amanda felt a little better. She was able to stand up on her own, with some help. So a few of the sailors on the Dock helped her and the others off the zodiac boat.

She looked at Todd again. This time he was looking at her.

"I'm not angry," she thought.

He looked relieved, but before she could do anything else, the medics arrived and started asking questions. Two of the medics took Brian out on a stretcher.

"Do you feel pain? Are you hurt?" One asked her.

"I'm fine, physically, anyway," She said.

"She needs to rest!" Roger shouted from the boat. He was the last one to get off.

"No, I'm just a little beat up," Todd told another medic.

"Well, we should check for internal injuries, just in case," the medic responded.

Amanda thought she recognized the medic working with Todd. She turned to Roger.

"How many of us are here?" She asked.

"The ones that are not born here?" He responded as he walked over. Then he shrugged.

Amanda started to feel dizzy again and started to lose her balance. Roger caught her and repeated to the medic, "She needs rest."

The medic motioned for a stretcher and one rolled up next to them.

It wasn't until they rolled the gurney to the medic bay before Amanda realized the significance of Roger's answer.
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